How Do You Update An Old Pool? Swimming Pool Builders Answer

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To many homeowners, when a pool gets old, it should be replaced. But does it have to be this way? Absolutely not! According to swimming pool builders, there are plenty of ways you can give your pool a new life without replacing it. If you are wondering, how do you update an old pool? Here are some of the ways to do it:

Replace the tiles

Since they are visible even when you aren’t in the pool, tiles immediately freshen the appearance of your pool. To give your pool a brand new look, go for modern tiles with modern patterns, colors, and sizes. Do you live in the warmer climates? Consider investing in glistering glass tiles that will add some glitz to your pool.

Re-plaster the interior

Like carpet and flooring in your house, the pool plaster also requires replacing after some time. If you have had your pool for more than several years, chances are it has had some mottling, chipping, color-changing, and other forms of damage.

To breathe new life to your pool, don’t use the same material you used before. Upgrade it. For example, instead of the old-school white Marcite plaster, opt for the more elegant, slip-resistant quartz aggregate finish. If you have the budget, go for premium interior pool finishes.

Change the coping

Coping is the edging material around the pool perimeter that sits between the pool structure and the deck. Some homeowners refer to it as the picture frame for the pool.

Due to its location and role, you should make it pretty. Is the border crumbling, loose, or cracked? Replace it with new high quality, attractive material. Some of the excellent choices include: bull-nose brick, concrete, and safety-grip brick.

You can choose from a wide range of natural stones such as travertine, flagstone, quartzite, and marble.

Add a water feature

How about adding a water feature to your pool? The new feature becomes the focal point hence improving the look of your boring pool design. Great water features you can add to your pool include: natural rock waterfalls, deck-based water jets, and water-sprouting sculptures.

While the features can go a long way towards giving your pool a unique, exciting look, they aren’t ideal for all pool designs. Before you install them, take time to research and find out whether they will improve the look of your pool or destroy it.

Apply mosaics

If you are going to apply new plaster to your pool, you should introduce mosaics as well. Mosaics are an easy and exciting way of adding fun, sophistication, and personalization to your pool.

Some of the great options you can go with include: installing a school of fish, a family monogram, colorful creatures, symbols, and other decorative elements.

Update the lights

Don’t like the old look of your lights? How about installing new, modern lights? The cool thing is modern LED lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient. When buying the lights, go for high-quality ones with different colors that will give your pool an exciting look at night.

For a great look and to ensure the lights blend in with your yard, stick to a theme.

Replace your decking

Is your patio looking haggard and don’t like the look? The solution is getting a brand-new deck that can be made from poured concrete, brick, concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, concrete pavers, custom stone masonry, and spray deck.

You should work with your pool builders Long Island and find out whether expanding the current dimensions and area will give your yard a new look and greater visibility.

Enclose the pool

Do you live in areas infested with bugs? You can enclose the pool with a screen room that will keep out pests and, at the same time, give your pool a new look.

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