How Close To A House Can A Pool Be? Pool Builders Answer

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If you are looking to construct a pool, you must ask, how close to a house can a pool be? According to the national building codes outlined by the national fire protection association (NFPA), you should install the pool at least 10 feet away from the house’s walls.

According to pool builders, when you do this, you ensure that leaking or splashed water won’t come into contact with the electrical wiring and cause a short.

Even if the pool shouldn’t be too close to the house, it also shouldn’t be too far from it as it has been shown that constructing the pool close to the house comes with plenty of benefits that include:


If you will be using the pool a lot, it doesn’t make sense to construct it far away from the house as it will become an inconvenience. This is because constructing the pool too far from the house will mean you will have to be making long trips to the house to use the bathroom and toilet.

If you love entertaining or love eating on the pool patio, you need to have the pool close to the kitchen. Since you can’t put up another kitchen, you can achieve this by having the pool close to the house.

Constructing the pool close to the house also ensures you have the garage and other storage areas close by, making pool maintenance easy.

If you aren’t sure about the right place to locate your pool, have a sitting with your installation company, and agree on the best place to do it.

You have more privacy.

You don’t want everyone staring at you as you are swimming. Unfortunately, when you have the pool away from the house, you rely on the fence to keep off the prying eyes. It’s hard to say it, but the fence isn’t enough, and in most cases, you need shrubs, trees, and other plants to fill in the gaps.

When you place the pool close to the house, this isn’t an issue as the house serves as an excellent view-blocker.

You save on space

Few people have the luxury of large backyards, so you have no other way to place the pool close to the house.

If you got a small piece of land, you make the most of your space by placing the pool as close to your house and save the rest of the yard for other activities.

The pool is safer

You might argue that having the pool close to the house is riskier as the kids can easily walk into the pool and risk harming themselves. While this is a possibility, it will happen if you don’t fence the pool.

On average, pools constructed close to the house are easier to monitor as you can easily see and hear everything that is going on in it. You also can easily and quickly get to the scene in the event of an accident.

You enjoy the pool more when it’s close.

When you are constructing the pool, you shouldn’t only install it as a recreational area but also as a unit to improve your house’s appeal. This means when you have the pool close to your house, you enjoy the scenery more as the pool is just there.

Having the pool close to the house also ensures you can easily hear the sound of water from the house. For a better experience, install waterfalls and other water features.

Install your pool close to your house, but not too close

There are plenty of benefits that come with locating your pool close to the house, as you have seen. To ensure you install the pool at the right place, consult pool contractors Long Island and let them know your concerns and desires.

Remember, the contractors install pools for a living, so they will advise you on the right place to locate the pool.

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