Traditional Rugs: Expert Tips On How To Choose A Rug Color For Your Home

traditional rugs

The rug color you choose is of great importance as you will be having it in your home for years or even decades to come. Since good quality traditional rugs don’t come cheap, you can’t make the color decision in haste—you need to take your time. To help you out, here are tips on how to choose a rug color:

Think about how you want the room to feel

The area rug you choose has a significant impact on the overall mood of the room. If you want to make a small space appear bigger, go for light colors. To make the room feel spacious, go for white, pastel shades, or a combination of bright and pale colors.

Muted colors such as green, blue, and purple give your room a calming atmosphere. If you want this mood, go with light monochromatic color rugs.

Bright, vibrant colored area rugs bring energy to your house. Some of the best colors to go with to achieve this are: red, orange, and vibrant green.

Want the room to feel more intimate? Go for rich, deep colors. For a cozy family room, try out rugs with shades such as navy, chocolate, and burgundy.

Ensure the rug matches the rest of the room

For a great look, you should choose a rug that matches the rest of the house. If the room you are looking to decorate has an established color scheme, with a combination of bold and muted shades, choose a rug that incorporates the same colors. By doing this, you will complement the existing décor.

Got brightly colored walls? The perfect counterparts are soft shades of gray and muted tans. If your room has warm yellow or orange walls, go with a muted rug that will ensure your visitor’s eyes are drawn to the right place.

Patterned rugs make excellent options when you have rooms of a solid décor. For a great look, try to match one of the hues in the rug to the furniture.

Does your rug add a new accent color to the room? Try adding matching details. You should use wall art, throw pillows, or even a vase of the same color to make the space feel much put together.

If your room has furniture upholstered in a vivid pattern, go with solid or muted shades, and you will give the rooms a perfect look.

Other tips to consider

Other than the mood and ensuring the rug matches the décor of the house, there are plenty of other factors you need to consider when choosing rug color. Some of these factors include:

Stains: If you have had your house for a long time, chances are there are stains on the wooden floor. In such a case, you should go for a dark-colored rug to hide the stains.

Rug as a centerpiece: Do you want the area rug to be the main focus of the house? Go for a brightly colored rug. If possible, paint the wall with softer, muted paint. Also, ensure the furniture has a softer color.

Some of the best rug colors to go with are red or orange.

Caring for your area rugs

Choosing the right colored rugs isn’t enough. You need to take good care of the rugs for them to retain their elegant look. One of the things you should do is to clean the rugs regularly. You should note how you clean the rugs depends on the type of rug.

For example, for high-quality area oriental rugs Vienna VA, hand wash then dry them while paying attention to the fringe. For great results and retain the unique character and integrity of the rug, hire a professional to help you with the cleaning.

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