5 Ways To Take Care Of Granite Countertops

granite countertops

In addition to being beautiful to look at, granite countertops are also durable. If you have the countertops in your home, you will agree with me that they don’t come cheap.

For you to keep the countertops looking great and give you long service, you need to take good care of them. There are plenty of ways in which you can do it, with the most common ones being:

Seal the countertops

The sealant provides the countertops with an extra layer of protection against spills. If you just moved to a new house, chances are that the countertops are already sealed as it’s customary for countertop contractors to seal the countertops at installation.

When sealing the surfaces, go for a high quality penetrating sealant. A good quality product is one that can last for up to 15 years and is oleophobic.

Regardless of how enticing cheap sealants look, stay away from them as they don’t last for long hence you have to keep on resealing the surfaces which is extremely expensive in the long run.

When applying the sealant, ensure that the countertops are bone dry. This way you are sure that the sealant will penetrate up to the deepest layers.

Clean the surfaces thoroughly

Other than sealing granite countertops, you also need to keep the surfaces clean. How do you do this?

Once a day, wipe the surfaces with a damp, soft, piece of cloth and some dish soap or multipurpose cleaner. Once the surfaces are clean, dry them with a soft cloth and buff them as much as you can.

When spills happen, blot them immediately. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to do it. Don’t wipe the spills as they can spread making cleaning even harder.

Protect the surfaces from hot pans and pots

One time exposure of the countertops to the hot pans and pots won’t damage the countertops as the surfaces are tough and heat resistant. The problem comes when you constantly expose the surfaces to high temperatures.

To protect the surfaces from damage, ensure that the hot items don’t come into contact with the countertops. When handling hot cups or liquid-filled pots, place a coaster under the cups or pots.

You should be ultra-cautious when dealing with dark-colored liquids such as red wine and juice as they have been shown to lead to more serious stains.

Disinfect the countertops

Kitchens are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs; therefore, it’s wise to think about how you are going to disinfect your countertops.

Many people think they only need to whip out the bleach and they will be good to go, but you should be cautious about it.

Bleach contains materials that are harmful to the surface which leaves it dull and etched. Instead of using bleach, use dish soaps with antimicrobial chemicals that don’t harm the countertops.

To strengthen the antimicrobial abilities of the soap, use small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. You only need to spray the solution on the counter then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

Don’t cut on granite

Granite is tough and harder than most natural stones in the market. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean you should cut food directly on the countertops.

The tough nature of the countertops damages the knives and dulls the blades so only consider cutting directly on the countertops if you don’t mind having to sharpen or replace the knives regularly.

Most of the foods you cut also release moisture that can penetrate the pores of the stone so if the countertops aren’t properly sealed, they develop stains.

Granite contractors Rockville recommend you have a chopping board in place all the time. Never cut directly on the countertops.

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