How Close To A House Can A Pool Be? Pool Builders Answer

pool builders

If you are looking to construct a pool, you must ask, how close to a house can a pool be? According to the national building codes outlined by the national fire protection association (NFPA), you should install the pool at least 10 feet away from the house’s walls.

According to pool builders, when you do this, you ensure that leaking or splashed water won’t come into contact with the electrical wiring and cause a short.

Even if the pool shouldn’t be too close to the house, it also shouldn’t be too far from it as it has been shown that constructing the pool close to the house comes with plenty of benefits that include:


If you will be using the pool a lot, it doesn’t make sense to construct it far away from the house as it will become an inconvenience. This is because constructing the pool too far from the house will mean you will have to be making long trips to the house to use the bathroom and toilet.

If you love entertaining or love eating on the pool patio, you need to have the pool close to the kitchen. Since you can’t put up another kitchen, you can achieve this by having the pool close to the house.

Constructing the pool close to the house also ensures you have the garage and other storage areas close by, making pool maintenance easy.

If you aren’t sure about the right place to locate your pool, have a sitting with your installation company, and agree on the best place to do it.

You have more privacy.

You don’t want everyone staring at you as you are swimming. Unfortunately, when you have the pool away from the house, you rely on the fence to keep off the prying eyes. It’s hard to say it, but the fence isn’t enough, and in most cases, you need shrubs, trees, and other plants to fill in the gaps.

When you place the pool close to the house, this isn’t an issue as the house serves as an excellent view-blocker.

You save on space

Few people have the luxury of large backyards, so you have no other way to place the pool close to the house.

If you got a small piece of land, you make the most of your space by placing the pool as close to your house and save the rest of the yard for other activities.

The pool is safer

You might argue that having the pool close to the house is riskier as the kids can easily walk into the pool and risk harming themselves. While this is a possibility, it will happen if you don’t fence the pool.

On average, pools constructed close to the house are easier to monitor as you can easily see and hear everything that is going on in it. You also can easily and quickly get to the scene in the event of an accident.

You enjoy the pool more when it’s close.

When you are constructing the pool, you shouldn’t only install it as a recreational area but also as a unit to improve your house’s appeal. This means when you have the pool close to your house, you enjoy the scenery more as the pool is just there.

Having the pool close to the house also ensures you can easily hear the sound of water from the house. For a better experience, install waterfalls and other water features.

Install your pool close to your house, but not too close

There are plenty of benefits that come with locating your pool close to the house, as you have seen. To ensure you install the pool at the right place, consult pool contractors Long Island and let them know your concerns and desires.

Remember, the contractors install pools for a living, so they will advise you on the right place to locate the pool.

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Sewer Cleaning Companies: How To Get Rid Of Roots In Sewer Line

sewer cleaning companies

If you have older sewer pipes (made from cast iron or clay) and are experiencing sewer line problems such as slowed drains, visible sinkholes, and unpleasant odors, the problems are most likely due to your sewer lines being encroached by tree roots.

If you clear a sewer clog, but the water doesn’t drain as well as it should, you most likely have tree roots in your sewer lines.

Do you have trees growing near your sewer lines? Contact sewer cleaning companies in your area and ask them to undertake sewer camera inspection and determine the cause of the recurring backups.

If the technicians confirm you have tree roots growing in your sewer lines, you should move with haste and get rid of them so you can restore your lines. Are you wondering how to get rid of roots in the sewer line? There are plenty of ways to do it. Read on:

Cut out the roots

This is often the easiest way of getting rid of the roots. You can cut the roots using a mechanical auger, which is a cable with a special root cutting attachment at the end.

You feed the cable into the sewer line, and it spins while the root cutting blades cut the roots. Depending on how big the roots were, you might need to flush out the resulting debris.

While this method is effective, it’s often temporary as the roots often grow back due to the presence of breaks and cracks in your sewer line.

Use hydro jetting

From its name, this process involves the use of water at high pressure. Get a hydro jet and pump water at extremely high pressures to the affected sewer lines, and the high pressure will get rid of the roots.

Like when using a mechanical auger, this method is also temporary as you still have sewer pipe cracks and breaks from where other roots can get into the sewer line.

This method is also limited as it can only get rid of roots that are weak enough to be washed away by the high pressure.

Hydro jetting is expensive, so only go with it after you have confirmed the roots in your sewer lines are small enough to be removed by the water.

Use salts

One of the most popular salts you can use is copper sulfate. To get rid of the roots, get two pounds of copper sulfate. Take half a pound of the salt and put it in the toilet, and flush. Continue flushing until the entire salt is gone.

For best results, repeat this process at least three more times. Avoid using the toilet for at least 8 hours to give room for the chemical to work.

While this method is highly effective, you should use it with caution as it can kill the entire tree and other plants growing nearby.

When going for this method, you should note that it works best with smaller roots and root hairs. It won’t work if the roots are more established.

Replace the sewer pipe

If you have been ignoring sewer line problems for a long time, chances are you have extensive tree roots that are impossible to remove by cutting, using hydro-jet, or chemicals.

What is the only left option? Replace the sewer pipe.

If you have done all of the above and none is working, contact drain contractors Westchester to inspect the damage’s extent. If the roots are too established, there is no point in wasting time and money attempting to eliminate the roots.

Work with the contractors and find the best quality sewer pipes you can install in your home. Replacing the sewer pipes isn’t cheap, so be ready to part with a substantial amount of money. You also should work with expert drain technicians who will get the work done perfectly.

When installing the new sewer pipes, install them away from trees to prevent the same problem from coming about later on.

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How Do You Protect Marble Countertops?

marble countertops

Marble is a soft, sensitive stone. Even after sealing it, it’s still prone to stains, scratches, and etching.  To retain the beautiful, classic look of the stone, you need to protect it. Are you wondering, how do you protect marble countertops? Here are ways to do it:

Seal the countertop

Even if your stone comes already sealed, you still should reapply a sealant every six months or once a year. When water stops beading on the surface, it’s time for a fresh coat. To provide maximum stone protection, use a high-quality sealer designed for marble surfaces.

You can apply the sealer by yourself if you love DIY projects or hire a professional to help you.

Clean the surfaces daily

Never let a day pass without cleaning the countertops. Cleaning gets rid of dirt and bacteria that can harm your surfaces. When doing regular cleaning, use a soft cloth and warm water. If removing a spill or you want to be more thorough in your work, use a mild, natural soap with a neutral pH.

When a spill happens, don’t let it sit on the surfaces—remove it immediately. Remember, marble is sensitive to acidic substances such as soda, fruit juices, coffee, etc. To avoid severe stains, remove these substances as fast as possible. As soon the liquid comes into contact with your countertops, wipe it with a soft cloth, paper towel, or sponge.

If you are late at removing the spill and a stain develops, stop everything you are doing and focus on the stain. Different types of stains require different removal techniques, so it’s up to you to remove the stain using the right method.

If you got an oil-based stain, remove it with a soft liquid cleanser, ammonia, liquid detergent, or mineral spirits.

Remove organic stains with a mixture of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

Got water stains on your surfaces? Remove them with a ball of dry steel wool.

If you try getting rid of a stain with soap or stone cleaner, but it won’t come out, use poultices paste that serves as a cleaning agent. One of the best pastes to apply is baking soda. Mix the paste and slather it onto the countertop with a spatula. You should then cover it with a plastic wrap and tape down the edges with painters tape.

Wait for 24-48 hours then remove the plastic. Let the paste dry out then remove it with a wooden or plastic scraper.

It’s recommended you have different pieces of cloth in your kitchen that you use for various roles. For example, you should have a cloth you use with water cleaners and one you use with lemon solutions and other cleaning products.

Protect the countertops from scratches

You don’t want your countertops to develop scratches, do you? You can keep your surfaces looking great by using coasters, cutting boards, trivets, and placemats. These materials provide a barrier between your countertop and the potentially damaging substances. As a result, you protect your surfaces from scratches, etches, burn marks, and other sources of harm.

Don’t put your surfaces to a lot of pressure.

Avoid stepping on the countertops as you risk damaging them. While marble appears tough, it can’t take a lot of pressure, so don’t step on it when reaching out to items on the top shelf.

Instead, use a ladder or stool to reach out to your desired items.

Granite installers Reston and other experts advise against placing heavy pots and pans on the surfaces as these too can damage the countertops. You should especially never place heavy items on the countertop edges.

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How Do You Update An Old Pool? Swimming Pool Builders Answer

swimming pool builders

To many homeowners, when a pool gets old, it should be replaced. But does it have to be this way? Absolutely not! According to swimming pool builders, there are plenty of ways you can give your pool a new life without replacing it. If you are wondering, how do you update an old pool? Here are some of the ways to do it:

Replace the tiles

Since they are visible even when you aren’t in the pool, tiles immediately freshen the appearance of your pool. To give your pool a brand new look, go for modern tiles with modern patterns, colors, and sizes. Do you live in the warmer climates? Consider investing in glistering glass tiles that will add some glitz to your pool.

Re-plaster the interior

Like carpet and flooring in your house, the pool plaster also requires replacing after some time. If you have had your pool for more than several years, chances are it has had some mottling, chipping, color-changing, and other forms of damage.

To breathe new life to your pool, don’t use the same material you used before. Upgrade it. For example, instead of the old-school white Marcite plaster, opt for the more elegant, slip-resistant quartz aggregate finish. If you have the budget, go for premium interior pool finishes.

Change the coping

Coping is the edging material around the pool perimeter that sits between the pool structure and the deck. Some homeowners refer to it as the picture frame for the pool.

Due to its location and role, you should make it pretty. Is the border crumbling, loose, or cracked? Replace it with new high quality, attractive material. Some of the excellent choices include: bull-nose brick, concrete, and safety-grip brick.

You can choose from a wide range of natural stones such as travertine, flagstone, quartzite, and marble.

Add a water feature

How about adding a water feature to your pool? The new feature becomes the focal point hence improving the look of your boring pool design. Great water features you can add to your pool include: natural rock waterfalls, deck-based water jets, and water-sprouting sculptures.

While the features can go a long way towards giving your pool a unique, exciting look, they aren’t ideal for all pool designs. Before you install them, take time to research and find out whether they will improve the look of your pool or destroy it.

Apply mosaics

If you are going to apply new plaster to your pool, you should introduce mosaics as well. Mosaics are an easy and exciting way of adding fun, sophistication, and personalization to your pool.

Some of the great options you can go with include: installing a school of fish, a family monogram, colorful creatures, symbols, and other decorative elements.

Update the lights

Don’t like the old look of your lights? How about installing new, modern lights? The cool thing is modern LED lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient. When buying the lights, go for high-quality ones with different colors that will give your pool an exciting look at night.

For a great look and to ensure the lights blend in with your yard, stick to a theme.

Replace your decking

Is your patio looking haggard and don’t like the look? The solution is getting a brand-new deck that can be made from poured concrete, brick, concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, concrete pavers, custom stone masonry, and spray deck.

You should work with your pool builders Long Island and find out whether expanding the current dimensions and area will give your yard a new look and greater visibility.

Enclose the pool

Do you live in areas infested with bugs? You can enclose the pool with a screen room that will keep out pests and, at the same time, give your pool a new look.

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Traditional Rugs: Expert Tips On How To Choose A Rug Color For Your Home

traditional rugs

The rug color you choose is of great importance as you will be having it in your home for years or even decades to come. Since good quality traditional rugs don’t come cheap, you can’t make the color decision in haste—you need to take your time. To help you out, here are tips on how to choose a rug color:

Think about how you want the room to feel

The area rug you choose has a significant impact on the overall mood of the room. If you want to make a small space appear bigger, go for light colors. To make the room feel spacious, go for white, pastel shades, or a combination of bright and pale colors.

Muted colors such as green, blue, and purple give your room a calming atmosphere. If you want this mood, go with light monochromatic color rugs.

Bright, vibrant colored area rugs bring energy to your house. Some of the best colors to go with to achieve this are: red, orange, and vibrant green.

Want the room to feel more intimate? Go for rich, deep colors. For a cozy family room, try out rugs with shades such as navy, chocolate, and burgundy.

Ensure the rug matches the rest of the room

For a great look, you should choose a rug that matches the rest of the house. If the room you are looking to decorate has an established color scheme, with a combination of bold and muted shades, choose a rug that incorporates the same colors. By doing this, you will complement the existing décor.

Got brightly colored walls? The perfect counterparts are soft shades of gray and muted tans. If your room has warm yellow or orange walls, go with a muted rug that will ensure your visitor’s eyes are drawn to the right place.

Patterned rugs make excellent options when you have rooms of a solid décor. For a great look, try to match one of the hues in the rug to the furniture.

Does your rug add a new accent color to the room? Try adding matching details. You should use wall art, throw pillows, or even a vase of the same color to make the space feel much put together.

If your room has furniture upholstered in a vivid pattern, go with solid or muted shades, and you will give the rooms a perfect look.

Other tips to consider

Other than the mood and ensuring the rug matches the décor of the house, there are plenty of other factors you need to consider when choosing rug color. Some of these factors include:

Stains: If you have had your house for a long time, chances are there are stains on the wooden floor. In such a case, you should go for a dark-colored rug to hide the stains.

Rug as a centerpiece: Do you want the area rug to be the main focus of the house? Go for a brightly colored rug. If possible, paint the wall with softer, muted paint. Also, ensure the furniture has a softer color.

Some of the best rug colors to go with are red or orange.

Caring for your area rugs

Choosing the right colored rugs isn’t enough. You need to take good care of the rugs for them to retain their elegant look. One of the things you should do is to clean the rugs regularly. You should note how you clean the rugs depends on the type of rug.

For example, for high-quality area oriental rugs Vienna VA, hand wash then dry them while paying attention to the fringe. For great results and retain the unique character and integrity of the rug, hire a professional to help you with the cleaning.

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6 Things You Should Know When Having A Home Remodel Project

home remodel

When you are remodeling your house, plenty of things can go wrong. You can easily go over your budget, hire a shady home remodel contractor, or even choose the wrong paint color.

You don’t want to make these mistakes, do you? To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should be prepared. Here are 6 things you should do before you embark on your home remodeling journey:

Know what you want

While many homeowners know what they don’t like, most of them don’t know the look they want in their houses. Before you begin your journey, you need to know whether you want cosmetics (this includes new cupboards, appliances, and counters) or structural changes, which include reconfiguring your space or knocking down a wall.

To fully understand what you want, you should spend time going through magazines, watching design shows, browsing Pinterest, and any other platforms that help your creative juices flow.

If you are still confused about the right design to go for, get advice from your contractor. The contractor will show you a variety of pictures, and it’s up to you to choose the ones that you feel will look good in your home.

Understand the potential return on investment

If you are remodeling the house to increase its value, so you can sell it at a higher price, you should know the expected return on investment.

As you are doing the remodeling job, you should know that that low maintenance remodeling projects that are of high quality and aren’t too expensive tend to have the highest ROI.

This means you should avoid making expensive remodeling if you are looking to get the highest return on investment. When you hire a reputable and experienced professional, this won’t be a problem as he will guide you into choosing the right materials and the areas to pay attention to.

Expect the project to last longer than expected.

When you are working with a contractor, the contractor will come with a schedule on how they will undertake the project. You shouldn’t take the schedule as the gospel truth as plenty of things can come about.

You should be patient with the contractors as things don’t always work how you expect them to. For example, you might think that replacing a whirlpool tub will be fast only to find the old fixtures are complex to remove and replace, and they spend hours doing the work.

Expect the unexpected

All homes hold secrets, and it’s hard to tell what might come about in your renovation project. For example, as the contractor is repairing the floor, they might realize the floor is uneven due to a shifted center joist. In such a case, you have first to repair the floor before you lay the new material.

To avoid surprises and the project stalling, it’s recommended you have some extra money on the side.

Interview several contractors

What do most homeowners do? They begin discussing the project with the first contractor they come across. Don’t do this as you often end up paying too much for the project.

Instead, you should interview several contractors and compare their bids. You will also get to hear different ideas that you can include in the project.

Begin with the kitchen

If you are renovating the entire house, home remodeling addition DC experts recommend you begin with the kitchen. According to the National Association of Remodeling, you stand to recover up to 59% of the cost you spend renovating the kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling also tends to produce a lot of dust and debris that you wouldn’t want to land on your new paint or finished jobs.

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Real Estate Agent DC: Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying A House

When you come across a house in a neighborhood you have always admired, it’s tempting to move fast and lock in a deal, but don’t do it.

According to real estate agent DC, home purchase transactions involve large amounts of money that attract scammers. To avoid losing your money, proceed with caution. When buying a new home, follow these tips:

View the house first

It might sound absurd that a person can buy a house without viewing it first, but it’s possible. Imagine this. You come across a house seller, and they tell you that you need to make a down payment immediately to secure the house.

The sellers will come with a photo and show it to you and tell you that they are in urgent need of the money. They will even go ahead and sign an agreement with you and promise to show you the house later on.

When you come across these kinds of sellers, you should run as they are often out to rip you off.

Never buy a house without first viewing it. Even if the seller is in dire need of the money, tell them to give you time.

Verify property ownership

This brings us to the next point. Even if you see the house, don’t buy it without verifying the ownership. Is the person selling the house the homeowner? You might ask how someone can sell a house that’s not theirs, right?

It’s not uncommon for people to ask friends or relatives to stay in their homes. So in some cases, the person asked to live in the house might decide to be clever and try to rip you off.

To avoid this, always ask the seller about the proof of the mortgage statement. Carefully go through it to confirm that it’s genuine. You can also use a title company to find out the real house owner before you part with your money.

Inspect the house

You have confirmed the person selling you the house is the real owner, but does this mean that you are in the green to purchase the house? Absolutely Not!

The house might seem attractive on the outside, but it might be harboring mold or any other dangerous materials. In other cases, the house might require expensive repairs that might see you spending a lot of money.

To avoid this, always take your time to inspect the house before parting with your money. Hire a contractor to go through all the areas of the house and give you a confirmation whether you are safe to occupy the home.

If you don’t have the money to hire an inspection professional, ask the seller for the certificate of occupancy. This certificate certifies that your home is habitable.

You should note that if the seller doesn’t have the certificate, you may have to shell out thousands of dollars to bring the house up to habitable standards.

Work with a reputable real estate agent.

It’s always wise not to go house hunting on your own—you should have an agent by your side. In addition to the agents making it easy to find the house of your dreams, they also protect you from getting scammed as they know the reputable house sellers.

The agents will also help you with house price negotiations.

While this is the case, you shouldn’t hire just any agent. Take time to find a reputable buyer’s agent DC that is authorized to work in your local area. You can find the agent from referrals from your friends and family.

You can also visit a respected real estate firm in your local area and hire one from there.

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Hiring Tree Removal Services For The First Time? 5 Things You Should Know

Tree Removal Services

According to Scientific American, there are over three trillion trees around the world. While everyone knows the benefits of having trees in their homes, if a tree is getting old or too big, you don’t have any other way out other than to remove it.

Is this the first time hiring tree removal services providers? There are plenty of things you should know. Some of these things include:

What to expect

What you should expect from the tree removal service depends on plenty of factors such as the contractor you hire, the size of the tree, the location of the tree, and many other things. As you might guess, a tree standing alone far from any building will be much easier to remove than one located close to the house or near the power lines.

How much will it cost you?

Like your expectations, the cost of removing the tree will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the tree, your location, the contractor you hire, and the ease of removing the tree. Of course, a small tree located at an easy to reach area will be much cheaper to remove than a large tree located near a building.

Different companies charge different prices. It’s up to you to research and find a reputable company that gives you a great offer. The best way of going about it is interviewing four or five companies and settle on the best one.

What are the methods of tree removal?

You can remove the tree in two ways:

If the tree has a space that is big enough, you can easily cut it down in one piece. You cut the trunk from the direction that you need the tree to fall. After felling the tree, cut it up into smaller pieces.

If the tree is close to power lines or buildings, this tree removal method isn’t practical, and you have to remove the tree differently. Begin with scaling the tree and cut off the branches individually from the top down.

If necessary, secure the branches with ropes so that they don’t fall into the power lines or onto buildings.

What is left after tree removal?

After removing the tree, a low stump is often left. The tree removal company can cut up the branches into regular pieces for use as firewood or remove them depending on your wishes. If you want to get rid of the stump, you can remove it entirely or grind it down until it’s no longer visible.

You should note that stump removal is additional work, and the tree removal company will often charge you an additional fee. This is because the work is often tedious. If you are artistic, you can avoid paying the stump removal fee and paint the stump, make a fairy home, or sculpt it.

Do you need to prepare for tree removal?

Yes, you should prepare for it. You can’t sit around and wait for the tree cutting services Montgomery County. When you prepare your property for removal, the tree removal company has an easy time removing the tree.

Some of the ways of preparing for tree removal include:

Making space for the vehicles: The removal companies use heavy equipment, cars, cranes, power saws and many other equipment. So ensure you have enough space for the removal company to park their vehicles and place the equipment.

You also should have clear access to the tree. The removal company workers will need to go back and forth from their vehicles to the tree. Ensure you have a clear route for the workers. This makes their work easy, so they complete the task fast.

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Commercial Appliances Repair: Expert Tips On How To Optimize Your Kitchen Appliances,

commercial appliance repair

As a commercial kitchen owner, you want to get as much from your appliances as possible in terms of output and longevity. Do you know the good news? It’s possible! Here are expert tips from commercial appliances repair professionals on how to do it:

Use the right equipment

Everything begins here. There is no way you can get the most from your appliances if you use the wrong ones.

For your commercial kitchen to function optimally, you need several essential pieces of equipment such as: steam table pans, kitchen work tables, food carriers, commercial refrigerator, commercial dishwasher, disposable catering or take-out supplies, and many others.

When buying the equipment, ensure they are optimized to be used in the commercial setting and not in a residential kitchen.

You should note that appliances set out to handle commercial tasks don’t come cheap. While this is the case, don’t cut corners by buying cheap, low-quality appliances as they will cause problems later on.

Turn off your appliances when you aren’t using them

At a moment like this, when the world is grappling with COVID-19, most of the restaurants are closed. Any time you shut down your business for an extended time, always shut down your appliances.

Begin with turning off the electrical power to the appliance by removing the fuses or tripping the circuit breaker.

  • Shut off the water supply
  • Disconnect the water line
  • Cover the appliances to protect them from dust and other materials
  • If possible place the appliances in one corner of your commercial kitchen

When you are back to business, inspect the appliances and reconnect them. You also should reconnect the drain, water, and electrical power supply. When it comes to the dishwasher and oven, run them through a heavy cleaning cycle. This is to get rid of any dirt that might have accumulated.

After making the reconnections, carefully inspect the connections to ensure they aren’t leaking

Don’t rely on the self-cleaning cycle

For the oven, the self-cleaning cycle is excellent for cleaning the inside of the oven. For optimal oven performance, don’t solely rely on the cleaning cycle. Instead, also take a look at the vent filters and clean them too.

This prevents dust and grease from accumulating, so the appliance runs optimally for a long time.

Clean the appliances

From the refrigerator to the dishwasher to the oven, you have to clean every appliance in your place of work. This isn’t simply for the appliances to look good, but also to maintain hygiene and keep them functioning optimally for a long time.

When cleaning the units, pay close attention to both the insides and outside. If your unit has air filters and other replaceable parts, pay close attention to them and replace them if necessary.

For the refrigerator, oven and other appliances with storage areas, remove the shelves and drawers and give them a thorough scrubbing. The beauty is that you don’t need to use fancy cleaning products. Warm soapy water and a piece of cloth are enough.

Avoid using abrasive products as they can scour the appliances and destroy them.

Regularly inspect the appliances

Even if you are using the right appliances and you take optimal care of them, you still have to hire a commercial kitchen appliance repair Springfield or any other expert at least once a year to tune up the appliances.

The technician will go through all the appliances and find out if they have any issues that you might have failed to pick up. With their specialized tools, they are bound to identify and fix even the most minor issues giving your appliances a clean bill of health.

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Patio Builders: Expert Tips On How To Clean A Patio

patio builders

After hiring patio builders and installing the patio of your dreams, you need to maintain it to keep it looking its best. Routine brushing will remove dirt and detritus but will do little for stubborn dirt and staining.

Lichen, algae, moss, and other types of fungi will develop when the patio is exposed to moisture. These mask the color of the paving, giving it a cheap, ugly look.

The good news, however, is that there are plenty of ways you can clean the patio. Some of these ways include:

Cleaning the patio slabs with vinegar

Using vinegar to clean the patio is highly effective when looking for non-toxic materials. For best results, use white vinegar made from grain. This is vinegar that isn’t distilled from petroleum.

Begin with moving all the plants and furniture on the patio out of the way, then sweep the area clean and remove the weeds. Mix a cleaning solution made of half water and half vinegar and pour it onto the patio.

Wait for 20 minutes, then scrub the patio clean with a brush. Once you are done, mop the area with water then put the patio furniture back.

Cleaning the patio using soapy water

This is the go-to method when dealing with delicate paving and light staining.

To clean the patio using this method, you need a hard bristle brush, heavy-duty garden broom, pressure washer, bucket, warm water, and washing-up liquid.

Begin with decluttering the patio and ensure that the paving area is clear.

Fill a bucket with warm water and mix in one cup of washing up liquid, soda crystals, or soap. Pour the soapy water across the affected area and begin scrubbing.

Use a broom or a brush with stiff bristles to scrub the area clean. The brush allows you to focus on the more stubborn areas. After removing the dirt, rinse away the dirty water and soapy residue with a pressure washer on a low power setting or a hose.

Leave the patio overnight and reassess the area the following day. Inspecting the area with fresh eyes will help you spot any dirty areas you might have missed.

If there are tougher stains than you thought, go for a stronger patio cleaning solution such as bleach. When using bleach, be cautious about using it on softer stones and around the plants as the strong alkaline base can be harmful.

Cleaning the patio using a pressure washer

The pressure washer is highly effective when undertaking a quick cleaning or looking to get rid of dried cement and other tougher materials. To do the cleaning, you need a power washer, water source, and heavy-duty garden broom.

Use the pressure washer with caution as it’s capable of damaging the surface of the paving. Maintain a fan setting over a jet to protect the paving.

First, sweep the area clean to get rid of leaves and other forms of debris. You should then connect the power washer hose to the water supply then turn the tap on.

Follow up by hosing down the patio from one side to the other then once you are done, turn off the water and disconnect the hose. After the patio area has dried, return the furniture to its place.

Parting shot

These are some of the ways you can clean your patio. Be cautious of the detergent you use as you can easily damage the surface, especially if it contains chemicals.

Of significant importance, be extra cautious around the joints as they can come off forcing you to hire local patio builders Long Island to fix them.

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